Currently St. Christopher has several Small Church Communities that meet on a weekly basis.  A group of 4-12 people come together to better prepare themselves to receive the Eucharist.

What is a Small Church Community (SCC)?

A group of 4-12 people who meet to better prepare themselves to receive the Eucharist.

How do they do that?

They focus on the Gospel to be better prepared for Sunday Mass.  The upcoming Gospel is read twice, and then discussed in detail in smaller groups, usually consisting of 2-3 people.  Then the whole group gets back together to discuss what they’re hearing.

How long do meetings last?

Usually 1-2 hours.

When do they meet?

Most groups get together in the evening, although some meet in the afternoon.  There are group meetings almost every day of the week.    Group meetings are listed in the parish calendar on the left-hand side of page 2 of the bulletin.

Where are meetings held?

Most SCCs meet at the church.  Others meet in a group member’s home.

How often do they meet?

Most groups meet every 2 weeks, although some meet every week.  Exactly, when, where, and how often are totally determined by the members of an SCC.

Who can join a group?

YOU can.  Anybody who desires to increase their faith, be better prepared for Mass, and get more out of a personal encounter with Jesus, is welcome to join a group.

Do I need to bring anything to a group meeting?

Just yourself!  There are no requirements.

Does it cost anything?

No.  Just 2 hours every other week.

How do I get into an SCC, or just find out more?

Call the parish office at (810)364-4100  and ask about Small Church Communities.