Congratulations to our newly Confirmed! Bishop Battersby and Father James Arwady with our young parishioners who have taken the next step of living out their Catholic faith by having the gifts of the Holy Spirit (already present in them at baptism) activated through the marvelous Sacrament of Confirmation.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a true sacrament instituted by Christ. It is administered by laying-on of hands and anointing with chrism accompanied by prayer. The chrism is blessed by the bishop and the bishop administers the sacrament. All baptized persons can and should be confirmed.



For more information on the sacrament of confirmation contact

Kristi Socha

Director of Religious Education

(810)364-4100 x 202

Suzy DeVeny

Youth Minister

(810)364-4100 x 204

Confirmation Preparation Calendar 2018

*All sessions listed below are from 7-9pm in Social Hall unless otherwise indicated

Spring Preparation

Thursday, Jan 25

Initial Conversations

Session One: Life is Choices

Session Two: What’s Holding You Back (homework)

Wednesday, Feb 21

Session Three: The Jesus Question

*sponsors are invited to this and all remaining sessions

Thursday, Mar 22

Session Four: The Prayer Process

Tuesday, April 17

Session Five: The Bible

Wednesday, May 16

Session Seven: The Eucharist

Session Six: Relationships (homework)

9th grade invited to QUEST High School Formation! All High School teens are welcome to join us at our weekly gatherings Sunday evenings at 7-8:30pm in the Social Hall. Recommended to attend at least 3 gatherings each semester.

Fall Preparation

* actual dates will be communicated via REMIND Summer 2018

September 2018  

Session Eight: The Holy Spirit

Session Nine: The Church

*discuss saint names

Sept/Oct 2018  

Called to Serve Workshop

October 2018   

Session Ten: Confirmation

November 2018   

Overnight Retreat for teens

Session Eleven: Made for Mission

Session Twelve: Holiness is Possible

Nov/Dec 2018     

Follow-up Conversations with teens only

December 2018 

Family Reconciliation

Jan/Feb 2019  

Confirmation Mass